Welcome to Streamwell

v1.2.7 - January 2023
Streamwell is your private virtual suite, built to put creators back in control of their content. With Streamwell’s privacy, high quality and incredibly low latency streams, you can power experiences like creative sessions, presentations, footage review, remote directorial, live monitoring, and more!
Streamwell lets you:
  • Create private live streams, viewable from any modern web browser.
  • Stream with virtually no delay for live collaboration and other 'in the moment' experiences.
  • Share convenient one-click links for absolute ease of access.
  • Customize the look and feel of the app with your own logo and brand identity.
  • Record, playback and download your streams.
  • Upload files related to your project, and share public download links
  • Collaborate live using instant messaging and video chat.
  • Push your live streams to one or more RTMP destinations with built-in restreaming.
  • Manage logins for clients (viewers) and creators (streamers), with precise control over who sees what.
The home screen gives you a birds-eye view of all of the channels you have access to.
Public Links reveal just the title, notes and clean feed of the stream. Put your own brand logo and color on it to make it feel like home.
Intuitive Admin controls give you full control of the server without needing an I.T. degree. See Administration for more


Whether you have subscribed to a managed service or you are running an on-premise installation of your own, Streamwell runs on a private server just for you.
This means Streamwell can not:
  • Track you or your viewers across the internet
  • Serve ads of any kind
  • Promote third-party content of any kind
  • Monitor or edit your content
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